Miahona is actively developing and operating wastewater treatment plants, wastewater collection system and TSE distribution system in the Kingdom and GCC region. Additionally, Miahona adopts the role as a lead developer of Wastewater Treatment Plants on BOO, BOT and BOOT basis


Miahona has well recognized expertise in the development, management and operations of water treatment systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This includes water treatment plants and distribution system for potable water. Miahona develops such water treatment systems on PPP structure.


 Miahona has been engaged in providing total management services through urban water management contract and concession scheme for water and wastewater systems within the Kingdom. The core areas covered by Miahona in Urban Water Management are management of water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, wastewater treatment plants etc. in addition to various types of utility services such as human resources management and financial management for water utilities, customer services and asset management.


Water reuse has become an essential part of integrated water resource management to satisfy the rapid growth in water demand. It is a cost and energy efficient alternative water source compared to desalination and long distance water transportation. Reuse of water can contribute to saving of valuable freshwater resources especially when utilized for non-potable uses such as industrial consumption. At the same time, water reuse contributes towards electricity efficiency of the system particularly when water has to be transported over long distances. Miahona through its ongoing projects is engaged in enhancing water reuse in the industrial sectors.


Miahona has been previously engaged in providing various services to the water sector through its participation as a JV partner with a leading international consultancy firm. The key areas of expertise covered under the JV were as follows:

Water & Wastewater master plan

Aims to Provide a long term (25-30 Years) integrated vision and execution plan for delivering exceptional water and wastewater services in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

Water Studies

Technical studies related to assessment of ground water resources, surface water and floods and to provide technical, cost effective and long term solutions addressing the objectives of the client.

Consultancy & Supervision services

Provide water and wastewater consultancy, conceptual design & engineering, management and construction supervision services.