Our Subsidiaries

Miahona's Subsidiaries

Industrial Cities Development and Operating Company

ICDOC is the Miahona entity dedicated to the development of water and wastewater assets in Jeddah & Dammam Industrial cities serving more than 1700 factories within these captive Industrial cities.

Riyadh Water Production Company

RWPC has developed a 25,000 m3/day BWRO Plant at King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) in Riyadh structured on long term non-recourse financing scheme. Additionally, RWPC has taken over 11,000 m3/day existing RO Plant at KKIA.

Jazzirah Environmental Company

JECO is the Operation and Maintenance Company of Miahona which is currently operating the water & wastewater assets of Miahona.

Jeddah Water Services Company

JWS is an investment of Miahona which was created in 2008 to execute the management contract for Jeddah with the long-term vision to address the strategic privatization plans of domestic water & wastewater assets in the western region.