Our Core Services

  • Urban Water Management, O&M and Concessions
  • Domestic and Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment & Reuse
  • Brackish Groundwater Development, Treatment, O&M and         Distribution
  • Leakage Detection & Repair
  • Consulting Engineering for different disciplines for water and         wastewater sectors including:
    • Water resources assessment, development & management
    • Program Management
    • Master Planning
    • Flood Control
    • Design of water and wastewater systems
    • Process simulation optimization
    • Construction engineering and management
    • Capacity building in water and wastewater sector
Miahona provides advanced and total management services through urban water management contracts and concessions for water and wastewater systems within cities on national and regional levels. The core areas covered by Miahona in Urban Water Management are management of water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, wastewater treatment plants etc. in addition to various types of utility services such as human resources management and financial management for water utilities, customer services and asset management.
Miahona is actively pursuing projects related to O&M of wastewater treatment plants in the Kingdom and GCC region. Additionally, Miahona adopts the role as a lead developer of Wastewater Treatment Plant on BOO, BOT,BOOT and DBO basis in the Kingdom and the region.
Miahona is a leading O&M provider & developer for industrial wastewater treatment plant on BOO, BOT, BOOT & DBO basis in the Kingdom & MENA region. Miahona offers total water cycle approach for the treatment of industrial wastewater including planning, design, treatment & reuse. We offer solutions for the removal of Ammonia & Salinity from industrial wastewater.  Furthermore we offer solutions that deliver lower cost and higher efficiency for the treatment of industrial wastewater. Innovative technologies & international expertise through wide range of companies allows us to serve our clients in meeting their challenges with the safety and reliability.
Miahona is highly experienced and qualified in the development of wastewater reuse market in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Miahona offers technical solutions in the areas of planning and design of aquifer recharge systems by treated wastewater; industrial reuse, agricultural, recreational, and urban reuse systems. Miahona is currently involved in the development of Wastewater Reuse market in Riyadh and other cities in the Kingdom.

Miahona has well recognized expertise in the assessment, development, and management of brackish groundwater resources in aquifer systems in different regions of Saudi Arabia. This entails professional development of business in groundwater systems, operation of pumping wells and conveyance of water to cities for use in various purposes
Miahona has in depth knowledge and capabilities which cover potential research and investigation in different specialized areas of water and wastewater. It includes Groundwater Assessment & Development, Aquifer Storage & Recovery, Water Technology Assessment and Verification, Simulation and Optimization of Water Systems, Groundwater Flow Modeling & Monitoring etc., Design, Operation & Maintenance of Dams, Assessment of Water Pollution & Control, Groundwater Remediation, Climate Change, Water Tariff, etc.

Miahona provides world-class training to professionals in the different disciplines related to urban water management, wastewater treatment & reuse, groundwater management and use of SCADA Systems, GIS in water applications.

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